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Throughout these years and thanks to our cranes, special transport activities or lifting platforms, our company has been involved in important projects, which enable us to practically undertake any task in which our equipments are required.

Thus our continuous evolution in both machinery and the training of technical and administrative staff had led us to offer services encompassing multiple activity sectors:

Port activities, assemblies and maintenance.

Boat loading and unloading.

Maritime works and shipyards.

Civil works, roads and highways, railway lines, bridges.

Installation of aero-generators in wind-energy parks.

Building and assembly of industrial facilities.

Mining sector, processing industry and parts for the electric sector.

Support to projects in the vehicle sector and collaborating companies.

Exhibition centres and fairgrounds.

High altitude works for the maintenance and refurbishment of facades.

Assembly of fixed cranes for buildings.

Special transport for pre-manufactured pieces for building purposes, boiler works and machinery in general.




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