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One of the main aims of Grúas Doniz SA has been and still is offering quality, both with regard to the service and treatment given to the customer and as a proof thereof we have obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification in 2004, which is applicable to service activities related to the rental of cranes and lifting platforms as well as to special transport.

In our endeavour to achieve a higher quality in our services, as well as a higher proactivity with regard to the protection of the environment, Grúas Doniz SA has established the following principles:

To guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, by means of an always appropriate treatment and an extra effort in the implementation of our services.

To meet all the requirements imposed by our customers, as well as those of a legal nature related to quality and environmental issues that may be requested at any time.

To commit ourselves to improve in a continuous manner the quality of our services, as well as our attitude with regard to the environmental impact produced by our activity.

To believe in a better future for our company, in which our customers will always feel satisfied with out services and our environmental behaviour in our activities.

To achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on our reliability and the creation of faithful bonds with out customers.

In this sense, Grúas Doniz SA, is inscribed in the registry of processing of dangerous waste stemming from repair shops, which is certified by the following companies: P.M.A. and SAFETY KLEEN.

Furthermore Grúas Doniz, SA, fulfils all the requirements established by the 298/2000 Decree, approved on December 7th by the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Autonomous Government of Galicia (Xunta).

Another fact we could highlight is the commitment of Grúas Doniz SA with regard to labour risk prevention:

Our workers have Individual Protection Equipments.

All of our crane operators have the official type-B licence of self-propelled mobile crane operator required since July 2005 by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and also necessary for the assembly and use of cranes of any tonnage whatsoever.

We also have professional technicians in the field of labour risk prevention.


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